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Hematology in Clinical Practice
Diagnose and manage all blood disorders quickly and efficiently with this concise, easy-to-use guide. The highly practical approach of HEMATOLOGY IN CLINICAL PRACTICE keeps you at the cutting edge of the latest advances in the field. For each disease state you'll review pathophysiology, clinical features, and approaches to diagnosis and management. Plus, look for these highlights in the Third Edition: * New chapter on transfusion medicine * Thoroughly updated therapy sections * Expanded coverage of genetic testing and therapy * The latest treatment options for hematopoietic disease, including marrow transplantation and high-dose chemotherapy * Latest advances in the management of thrombotic disease * Differential diagnosis of anemia, including iron-deficiency anemia * Conveniently organized into sections on Red Blood Cell Disorders, White Blood Cell Disorders, and Disorders of Hemostasis * Plus, the highly focused discussions of specific disease states enable you to get the thorough information you need quickly ideal for someone with a busy schedule like yours.