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The Cardiovascular System
Normal cardiovascular function requires the concerted action of many cell types, each capable of adaptive gene expression in response to developmental, physiological, and pathological cues. The genetic basis of cardiovascular function, development, and disease is an area of intense investigation, in the hope of significant insights into the heart and vessels? basic workings and improvements in diagnosis and therapy. This latest volume in a prestigious book series presents a remarkable survey of current progress in these efforts, through the contributions of over fifty of the world's leading investigators. Sections are devoted to angiogenesis, cardiogenesis, homeostasis, development, vascular biology, and cardiovascular repair and therapy. The book is an essential source of ideas, discoveries, and references for clinical scientists and physicians interested in basic cardiac biology, hypertension, atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, and heart failure.
Development of the Cardiovascular System (M. Frasch, T. Mohun, D. Yelon, M. Rebagliati, H.J. Yost, A.B. Lassar, D.Y.R. Stainier, J.A. Epstein) Transcription Factors in Cardiovascular Development (M. Gessler, P.A. Krieg, M.G. Rosenfeld, D. Franco, E.N. Olson, R.P. Harvey, C.E. Seidman, D. Srivastava, M.C. Simon, J.M. Arbeit) Vascular Biology (R.O. Hynes, B.M. Weinstein, E.G. Nabel, T.N. Sato, L.E. Benjamin, K. Alitalo, S.R. Coughlin, N.I. Moldovan, N. Ferrera, R. Pasqualini) Genetics and Genomics of the Cardiovascular System (Y. Kim, M.C. Fishman, R.J. Roman, S. Izumo, A. Baldini, M. Eldar) Regulation of the Heart (R.S. Williams, N.D. Epstein, G.I. Fishman, D.L. Mann, D.P. Kelly) Heart Disease and Failure (J.G. Seidman, E.M. McNally, K.R. Chien, L. Leinwand, M.A. Rupnick, Y. Wang, H.A. Rockman) Hypertension, Atherosclerosis, and Lipid Homeostasis (R.P. Lifton, T.M. Coffman, P.W. Shaul, K.S. Moulton, T. Fukai, J.D. Horton, J.C. Cohen) Tumor Angiogenesis (H.F. Dvorak, R.K. Jain, R. Benezra, R. Kalluri, G.D. Yancopoulos, D. Mukhopadhyay, D.A. Cheresh, G. Bergers) Repairing the Cardiovascular System (H.M. Blau, N. Rosenthal, C.E. Murry, E. Marbán, A.R. Marks) Summary: Coming of Age of Cardiovascular Science (C.E. Seidman)