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Prion Biology and Diseases, Second Edition
This volume is a new edition of the most authoritative book on Prion Biology, first published in 1999 and edited by the Nobel Prize?winning founder of the field. This expanded edition has been completely updated, and includes chapters on therapeutics, and diagnostic methods and approaches.
PRION BIOLOGY Chapter 1: An Introduction to Prion Biology and Diseases S.B. Prusiner Chapter 2: Development of the Prion Concept S.B. Prusiner Chapter 3: Bioassays of Prions S.B. Prusiner, J. Safar, and S.J. DeArmond Chapter 4: Transmission and Replication of Prions S.B. Prusiner, M.R. Scott, S.J. DeArmond, and G. Carlson Chapter 5: Structural Studies of Prion Proteins C. Govaerts, H. Wille, S.B. Prusiner, and F.E. Cohen Chapter 6: Doppel, a New PrP?like Mammalian Protein D. Westaway, L.E. Hood, and S.B. Prusiner FUNGAL PRIONS Chapter 7: Prions of Yeast and Filamentous Fungi: [URE3], [PSI+], [PIN+], and [Het?s] R.B. Wickner, S.W. Liebman, and S.J. Saupe TRANSGENETICS AND CELL BIOLOGY OF PRIONS Chapter 8: Knockouts, Knockins, Transgenics, and Transplants in Prion Research E. Flechsig, J.C. Manson, R. Barron, A. Aguzzi, and C. Weissmann Chapter 9: Transgenetic Investigations of the Species Barrier and Prion Strains M. Scott, D. Peretz, R.M. Ridley, H.F. Baker, S.J. DeArmond, and S.B. Prusiner Chapter 10: Cell Biology of Prions D.A. Harris, P.J. Peters, A. Taraboulos, V. Lingappa, S.J. DeArmond, and S.B. Prusiner PRION DISEASES IN ANIMALS Chapter 11: Scrapie, Chronic Wasting Disease, and Transmissible Mink Encephalopathy S.B. Prusiner, E. Williams, J.?L. Laplanche, and M. Shinagawa Chapter 12: Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy and Related Diseases G.A.H. Wells and J.W. Wilesmith HUMAN PRION DISEASES Chapter 13: Infectious and Sporadic Prion Diseases R.G. Will, M.P. Alpers, D. Dormont, and L.B. Schonberger Chapter 14: Inherited Prion Diseases Q. Kong, W.K. Surewicz, R.B. Petersen, W. Zou, S.G. Chen, P. Gambetti, P. Parchi, S. Capellari, L. Goldfarb, P. Montagna, E. Lugaresi, P. Piccardo, and B. Ghetti Chapter 15: Neuropathology of Prion Diseases S.J. DeArmond, J.W. Ironside, E. Bouzamondo?Bernstein, D. Peretz, and J.R. Fraser METHODOLOGY, BIOSAFETY, AND THERAPEUTICS Chapter 16: Some Strategies and Methods for the Study of Prions S.B. Prusiner, G. Legname, S.J. DeArmond, F.E. Cohen, J. Safar, D. Riesner, and K. Kaneko Chapter 17: Biosafety Issues in Prion Diseases H. Baron, J. Safar, D. Groth, S.J. DeArmond, and S.B. Prusiner Chapter 18: Therapeutic Approaches to Prion Diseases S.B. Prusiner, B.C.H. May, and F.E. Cohen Glossary Appendix Index