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Pediatric & Neonatal Dosage Handbook w/International Trade Names Index 22. Ed.
 The Lexicomp Pediatric & Neonatal Dosage Handbook with International Trade Names Index, 22nd edition, is a valuable worldwide dosing resource designed to support medical professionals managing pediatric and neonatal patients. The Pediatric & Neonatal Dosing Handbook with International Trade Names Index includes more than 1,000 drug monographs featuring concise fields of information specific to neonates and children. It follows a convenient, dictionary-like format, with drug products alphabetically organized and cross-referenced by brand names and index terms. Clear, concise and relevant Lexicomp drug information is supplemented by an extensive Appendix of comparative charts, tables and supportive information; a Therapeutic Category Key Word Index; and an index of international trade names from more than 100 countries.