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Pediatric & Neonatal Dosage Handbook With International Trade Names Index
 The Lexicomp Pediatric & Neonatal Dosage Handbook w International Trade Names Index, 21st edition, is the ideal point-of-care dosing resource for medical professionals managing pediatric and neonatal patients. The Handbook includes more than 990 drug monographs offering concise fields of information specific to neonates and children. It follows a convenient, dictionary-like format, with drug products alphabetically organized and cross-referenced by brand names and index terms. Clear, concise and relevant, Lexicomp drug information is supplemented by an extensive Appendix of comparative charts, tables and supportive information, a Therapeutic Category & Key Word Index, and an Index of international trade names from more than 100 countries. It includes: 997 drug monographs; up to 44 fields of information per monograph; more than 140 extemporaneous preparation recipes; more than 250 pages of Appendix information; 16 new drug monographs; updates to hundreds of existing monographs, including updates based on new guideline recommendations; updated Appendix topics; carbohydrate content of medications; perinatal HIV; pediatric HIV; adult and adolescent HIV; immunization guidelines; oral medications that should not be crushed or altered; pediatric parenteral nutrition; and, pre-procedure sedatives in children.