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Development of Human Gene Therapy
The idea of human gene therapy was accepted by the medical community and society at large long before believable clinical benefits began to emerge. In this book, some of the field?s most distinguished contributors chronicle the evolution of this momentous direction for medicine, illustrating how imaginative concepts shaped the development of technologies and brought the daring new idea to its current position of imminent practical success. This is a book designed to endure as clinical advances accumulate, a clear-eyed work of reference that will anchor the further development of this revolution in therapy. It is an essential addition to libraries of clinical medicine, biotechnology, and public policy, and a resource that no laboratory investigator with an interest in the biology of gene transfer should be without.
Preface Chapter 1: The Origins, Evolution, and Directions of Human Gene Therapy (T. Friedmann) Chapter 2: Retroviral Vectors (J.-K. Yee) Chapter 3: Lentiviral Vectors (L. Naldini and I.M. Verma) Chapter 4: Structure and Genetic Organization of Adenovirus Vectors (M.M Hitt, R.J. Parks, and F.L. Graham) Chapter 5: Adenovirus Vectors (N.A. Wivel, G.-P. Gao, and J.M. Wilson) Chapter 6: Strategies to Adapt Adenoviral Vectors for Gene Therapy Applications: Targeting and Integration (P.N. Reynolds and D.T. Curiel) Chapter 7: Adeno-associated Viral Vectors (R.J. Samulski, M. Sally, and N. Muzyczka) Chapter 8: Gene-transfer Tool: Herpes Simplex Virus Vectors (S. Laquerre, W.F. Goins, S. Moriuchi, T.J. Oligino, D.M. Krisky, P. Marconi, M.K Soares, J.B. Cohen, J.C. Glorioso, and D.J. Fink) Chapter 9: Emerging Viral Vectors (D.J. Jolly) Chapter 10: Advances in Synthetic Gene-delivery System Technology (P.L. Felgner, O. Zelphati, and X. Liang) Chapter 11: Receptor-mediated Gene Delivery Strategies (M. Cotten and E. Wagner) Chapter 12: Naked DNA Gene Transfer in Mammalian Cells (J.A. Wolff) Chapter 13: Delivery Systems and Adjuvants for DNA Vaccines (J.B. Ulmer and M.A. Liu) Chapter 14: Targets for Gene Therapy (T. Friedmann and A.G. Motulsky) Chapter 15: The Hematopoietic System as a Target for Gene Therapy (B.P. Sorrentino and A.W. Nienhuis) Chapter 16: Cancer Immunotherapy (D. Pardoll and G.J. Nabel) Chapter 17: Gene Transfer and Stem-cell Transplantation (M.K. Brenner) Chapter 18: Suicide Genes: Gene Therapy Applications Using Enzyme/Prodrug Strategies (J.C. Morris, R. Touraine, O. Wildner, and R.M. Blaese) Chapter 19: The Logic of Anti-angiogenic Gene Therapy (J. Folkman, P. Hahnfeldt, and L. Hlatky) Chapter 20: Apoptosis as a Goal of Cancer Gene Therapy (J.C. Reed) Chapter 21: Advances in Gene Therapy for HIV and Other Viral Infections (E.M. Poeschla and F. Wong-Staal) Chapter 22: Progress Toward Gene Therapy for Nervous System Diseases (A. Martínez-Serrano and A. Björklund) Chapter 23: Targeted Gene Repair in Mammalian Cells Using Chimeric RNA/DNA Oligonucleotides (E.B. Kmiec, B.T. Kren, and C.J. Steer) Chapter 24: Human Gene Therapy: Public Policy and Regulatory Issues (N.A. Wivel and W.F. Anderson) Chapter 25: Ethical Issues in Human Gene Transfer Research (E.T. Juengst and L. Walters) Index