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Mouse Phenotypes : A Handbook of Mutation Analysis
The generation of mutant mice raises many questions about the best means of phenotypic analysis, breeding, and maintenance. The answers are now available from two experts with a wealth of detailed knowledge never previously assembled in one volume. Informal and highly practical, this handbook provides step?by?step methods for troubleshooting experiments, from the basics of gene targeting through the analysis of postnatal effects.
Chapter 1: In the Beginning: Obtaining a Mutant Chapter 2: Gene?Targeting Strategies for Maximum Ease and Versatility Chapter 3: Getting to a Phenotype Chapter 4: Maintaining Your Mutant Chapter 5: Phenotypic Analysis: Prenatal Lethality Chapter 6: Phenotypic Analysis: Postnatal Effects Chapter 7: Dominant Effects Chapter 8: Getting Around an Early Lethal Phenotype Appendix 1: Useful Books and Resources Appendix 2: Examples of Phenotype Analysis Appendix 3: Glossary Index