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Protein-Protein Interactions : A Molecular Cloning Manual, Second Edition
This is an updated edition of a manual that provides a thorough collection of the technical and theoretical issues involved in the study of protein associations, including standard methods, biophysical approaches, and, in a final section, a collection of computational methods for integrating and analyzing interactions.
Preface SECTION 1: Protein?Protein Interactions in Biological Context SECTION 2: Standard Technologies to Probe Protein Interactions SECTION 3: Biophysical Approaches to Probe Protein Interactions SECTION 4: Novel High?Throughput Approaches to Probe Protein Interactions SECTION 5: Interactions of Proteins and Peptides SECTION 6: In Vivo Imaging of Protein Interactions SECTION 7: Genome?wide and Computer?based Analysis of Protein Interactions SECTION 8: Design of Novel Interactions and Inhibitors in Drug Discovery Cautions Index