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The Genome of Homo sapiens
The Human Genome Project was completed in 2003, 50 years after the discovery of the structure of DNA and 17 years after an influential debate at the annual Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Symposium about the Project?s feasibility. The 2003 Symposium was dedicated to examining what has been learned so far from the human genome sequence. This book contains over sixty contributions from the world?s leaders in this field and covers genome structure and evolution, methods of data analysis, lessons from species comparison, and the application of sequence data to the understanding of disease.
Introduction J. Rogers, D. Cox, D.C. Page, D. Botstein The Human Genome Sequence R.H. Waterston, R.K. Wilson, J.C. Venter, J. Schmutz, T.S. Furey, H. Riethman, F.S. Collins Genome Structure and Evolution E.E. Eichler, W.J. Kent, M.R. Brent, L. Stubbs, H.F. Willard, J.R. Lupski Genomics of Non?human Species J. Parkhill, D. Baillie, G. Rubin, E.A. Ostrander, R. Gibbs, M.J. Daly, Y. Hayashizaki Bioinformatics/Genome Annotation P. Green, E. Birney, M.Q. Zhang, M. Ashburner, L.D. Stein Human Genetic Variation D.R. Bentley, P.?Y. Kwok, M. Chee, J. Bertranpetit, D. Altshuler, A. Windemuth, P. Little Of Microbes and Men J. Malek, S.E. Antonarakis, W.?W. Cai, M. Georges, G.G. Loots Comparative Functional Genomics D. Haussler, E. Rubin, M. Wigler, C. Friddle, M. Snyder, R.C. Hardison Genetic Variation and Disease N. Risch, K.R. Marikangas, D. Drayna, A. Chakravarti, D. Porteous, D.B. Goldstein, V.G. Cheung, O. Chiba?Falek Comparing Genomes E.D. Green, M.S. Waterman, B.A. Roe, J. Weissenbach, E.V. Koonin Human Evolution C.P. Ponting, K.A. Frazer, Y. Sakaki, L. Lipovich, A.G. Clark, D.C. Wallace, P.A. Underhill Genome Biology M. Tyers, R. Young, G. Hannon, L. Hood Summary M. Olson