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Translational Control in Biology and Medicine
The new edition of this successful monograph has been both updated and broadened. Since the previous (second) edition was published in 2000, the structures of the bacterial and eukaryotic ribosomes have been published, advancing our basic understanding of translation and mechanisms involving protein and RNA regulators. In addition, as the title indicates, this edition has a new focus on the role of translational control in human development and disease. This book, with 30 chapters written by experts in the field, is essential reading for anyone interested in the process of translation, its regulation, and how its failure can be the cause of disease.
1. Origins and Principles of Translational Control M.B. Mathews, N. Sonenberg, and J.W.B. Hershey 2. Structure of the Bacterial Ribosome and Some Implications for Translational Regulation H.F. Noller 3. Structure and Function of the Eukaryotic Ribosome and Elongation Factors D.J. Taylor, J. Frank, and T.G. Kinzy 4. The Mechanism of Translation Initiation in Eukaryotes T.V. Pestova, J.R. Lorsch, and C.U.T. Hellen 5. Translation Initiation by Viral Internal Ribosome Entry Sites J.A. Doudna and P. Sarnow 6. Translation Initiation via Cellular Internal Ribosome Entry Sites O. Elroy-Stein and W.C. Merrick 7. Translation Termination, the Prion [PSI+], and Ribosomal Recycling M. Ehrenberg, V. Hauryliuk, C.G. Crist, and Y. Nakamura 8. Coupled Termination-Reinitiation Events in mRNA Translation R.J. Jackson, A. Kaminski, and T.A.A. Pöyry 9. Mechanism of Translation Initiation in the Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae A.G. Hinnebusch, T.E. Dever, and K. Asano 10. cis-Regulatory Sequences and trans-Acting Factors in Translational Control M.W. Hentze, F. Gebauer, and T. Preiss 11. Regulation of mRNA Molecules by MicroRNAs K.A. Wehner and P. Sarnow 12. The eIF2? Kinases T.E. Dever, A.C. Dar and F. Sicheri 13. eIF2? Phosphorylation in Cellular Stress Responses and Disease D. Ron and H.P. Harding 14. Signaling to Translation Initiation B. Raught and A.-C. Gingras 15. Translational Control in Cancer Development and Progression R.J. Schneider and N. Sonenberg 16. Matters of Life and Death: Translation Initiation during Apoptosis S.J. Morley and M.J. Coldwell 17. Translational Control in Metabolic Diseases: The Role of mTOR Signaling in Obesity and Diabetes S.C. Kozma, S.H. Um, and G. Thomas 18. Translational Control of Synaptic Plasticity and Learning and Memory E. Klann and J.D. Richter 19. Translational Control in Development B. Thompson, M. Wickens, and J. Kimble 20. Protein Synthesis and Translational Control during Viral Infection I.J. Mohr, T. Pe'ery, and M.B. Mathews 21. Regulation of Translation Elongation and the Cotranslational Protein Targeting Pathway T.P. Herbert and C.G. Proud 22. Regulation of Termination and Recoding J.D. Dinman and M.J. Berry 23. Nonsense-mediated mRNA Decay: From Yeast to Metazoans A. Jacobson and E. Izaurralde 24. Localized Translation through Messenger RNA Localization E.R. Gavis, R.H. Singer, and S. Hüttelmaier 25. The Interface between mRNA Turnover and Translational Control C.I. Gonzales C.J. Wilusz, and J. Wilusz 26. Translational Control in Plants and Chloroplasts D.R. Gallie 27. Mitochondrial Translation and Human Disease E.A. Shoubridge and F. Sasarman 28. Translational Control in Prokaryotes P. Romby and M. Springer 29. Noncanonical Functions of Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetases in Translational Control P.L. Fox, P.S. Ray, A. Arif, and J. Jia 30. Therapeutic Opportunities in Translation J. Pelletier and S.W. Peltz Index